Zach Brose is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from Minneapolis, MN and based in Los Angeles, CA.   His music varies widely from indie-rock centered songwriting to experimental electronica to long-form ambient environments.  Not one to settle on any formula, Zach's curiosity for new methods, sounds and forms is reflected in his wide ranging discography and projects.

Zachs most recent release, Smear, covers expansive sonic ground from stomping sampled drums of 'Daylight' to the hypnotic groove of 'Seq iiii' into the swaying bossa of 'Susanne'.  Smear reflects his reluctance to relinquish to any one type of tune and instead create with doors wide open.

Zach also writes and records in various projects including Kansas Plates and ar.birn.  He has produced records for Jessica Manning, Mik Cool and Marathoner, and continues to exercise his instrumental diversity in sessions and remote recording work.